1, 2, 1,2, 1,2,3,4…hold it…NOW!*


(apologies to original owner/creator – I don’t know who you are to credit you)

While discussing New Year Resolutions with the Baron, he showed me this pic.  This is his inspiration for 2012 and rather cheekily I have nicked it to be mine.

2011 wasn’t a splendid year for me. Lots of Hopeless Heights time and a bit of loss. Loss of people and a bit of loss of confidence due to illness and mental exploding giraffes. The Brain of Kiz has not been a happy place.

Anyway where was I?

Oh yes. MAGIC.  IT HAS TO HAPPEN. Or just life. Life would be excellent. Of the vaguely vertical, occasionally leaving the house quality. That might help the whole photography thing I love and generally used to fill my time with.  There is really only so many pictures I can post on instagram of my cat before dog lovers turn up and stamp my iphone into glass shards for the good of the eyes of the internet.

After this decision and a bit of a lie down, I started to make plans. For the mental bridge the hell out of here. And the conclusion is I am open to suggestions. Concrete plans just make me lie down a lot more. Add that to a mystery illness and I am forgetting how to use my legs.

Well there are some teeny wee plans. Planettes even.

One was to try and use this blog more.  Bizarrely I found myself worrying about posting anything.  So many go through my mind and get discarded.   Mainly through fear.  Fear of my appalling writing skills being critiqued.  Fear of putting myself here.  The only thing I really can write about is my life.  And that means actually me on this blog.  Nothing I could stand away from if someone objects to it.  Arrows would hit. *looks at picture*

The other was dig out Maw’s unused treadmill and trot on it a bit. My best thinking is done in the shower.  The staring at the tiles while scrubbing my hair lets my mind wander off and do thinky things without me getting in the way. But the lack of anything to write on in there lets me down. And generally the ideas are gone the minute I reach for a towel. A running friend was telling me how she finds that handy for thinking and generally improving misery brain. If I can amble (I am built for comfort, and definitely not speed, so no actual running for me thank you) along on a treadmill and stare into the middle distance will it have the same effect? Will it be easier to write down ideas without having to stop what I am doing?  Will a bit of deliberate exercise eject some of the exploding giraffes out of my headspace? Worth a shot. Especially since Maw has never used the damn thing.  Someone should make more use of it. Rather than going for the traditional hanging clothes on it that always happens to exercise equipment.

The mystery illness is somewhat getting in the way of the latter so I have focussed on the former for now.


Now the diagram makes me think of a place in Jupiter Artland. There is a piece by Ian Hamilton Finlay. A small bridge. On either side is a stone with the words “only connect” carved into it. I might as well try that eh? A new feature on this blog is a list of the blogs I read and enjoy.  It isn’t all of them, just the first ones that came to mind with a little twitter prompting.  I expect it to grow through the year.

Baby steps. I am still not sure what I want to do exactly with this blog but hopefully this year I am going to find out. 

Happy 2012. May it be where the magic happens for you.

*The title of the post is connected to the opening of a song from the 80’s.  Extra points if you can work it out


6 responses to “1, 2, 1,2, 1,2,3,4…hold it…NOW!*

  • Sharon Longworth

    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had an idea in the shower that seems to get rubbed out of my drain when I towel my hair – so when you find the answer to that one, please let me know.
    In the meantime, good luck with the baby steps, and I look forward to reading more here in 2012

  • Blonde

    How exciting: new additions to the blogosphere can only be a good thing (and thank you very much for the blogroll mention!).

    Baby steps sound like an excellent way to approach life: I hope 2012 is utterly splendid.

    (But no fewer Bad Cat pics. They’re awesome.) x

  • Alyson

    I’ve found that running doesn’t help me think at all. Usually its just the same sentence over and over: “Dear God, why? Make it stop!”

    But the shower thing…that works. Instead of writing down ideas, I often record voice notes on my phone. It’s faster and my phone accompanies me everywhere. Even, shockingly enough, the shower.

    • Kiz

      I am definitely more the amble along kind of girl. Snails can probably out run me.

      The shower is seriously amazing for the brain isn’t it? I can see me getting all Twin Peaksy muttering into a recording maching in there.

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