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My blog has been a poor abandoned thing lately, hasn’t it?   Oops.

The last “proper” blogposts were made in memory to people I have lost recently. I love them, miss them like hell and oddly really enjoyed writing a picture of them.  It was nice to sit back, letting the memories roll over me and cry and laugh all over again.

But it is May, the cherry blossom throw pink confetti to swirl about streets and I feel caught in the spring summer, summer spring? brightness around me.  I have been dancing in the kitchen while howling along to tragic 80’s tunes on the radio again, rejoicing that winter is finally over.  It is more than a season for me. It is a state of mind. 

And boy, that was one hard winter for me.  And probably everyone around me.  Actually more than probably.  My nearest and dearest were probably fighting the urge to smother me with a pillow while I lay on my face breaking whinge records for Scotland. The misery sighs I huffed out at regular intervals could have powered several wind turbines.  As well I live near a wind farm. I would have hated if all that whingey woe had been wasted. We must have got a few kettle boilings out of that at least.

But I made it to the cherry blossom time.  It was touch and go for a bit but here I am. And there they are.

And now, as I try and catch the pink petals, I wonder.

What next?


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